History of CSK

I grew up spending my weekends in my grandmother’s kitchen on Cross Street learning favorite recipes from both my Italian and Polish/Russian family heritage. This is where I first developed my love for food and cooking. I was fortunate to have a “work from home” mother so I grew up always having a homemade meal for dinner and never ordering takeout. I learned to appreciate dinnertime as a chance to stop what we were doing, assist in the preparation of the meal, and to even peel a potato with a steak knife! My mom was not one for fancy kitchen equipment as she was more the “use what you have and deal with it” type so I learned a lot of improvisational cooking from both my mom and grandmother. My grandmother’s kitchen on Cross Street was always open and ready for unexpected guests as many family members lived nearby. She made sure there was always homemade bread, a piece of cake or a pot of soup on the stove. The kitchen for me has always been a happy place cooking for family and friends and now for you!

Art teacher turned mother of three, I wanted that all important dinnertime with my own family. I changed career paths by incorporating my love for cooking and food into a business. For the past 16 years I have helped other families enjoy dinnertime with their own families by preparing meals for them as a personal chef. My husband, a trained sommelier, enables us to strike the perfect life balance of food and wine with our family and friends!

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